Between preparing your teaching, wrangling up enough volunteers, and calculating how many pizzas you need to order – you’ve got enough to worry about!

What game you’re going to play tonight shouldn’t be one of them.

Because when it comes to games, we’ve got you covered!

Christmas Movie Mistakes

Are you constantly dropping quotes from your favorite Christmas movie? If so, you’ll be a rockstar at this game.


Have you ever wondered how crayon colors get their names? Now you get to create those names!

Alphabetical Soup 2

We’ll give you an 8-letter word with the letters rearranged alphabetically – all you have to do is figure out the word.

But Not Me

Each round you’ll tell people a simple fact about yourself, and they just have to decide if they are telling you the truth or not.

It’s Greek to Me

Try to translate each phrase into English. Your translation doesn’t have to right, it just has to sound right enough to trick everyone else.


Can you name the brand behind each of these taglines?

This or That

Looking for a quick way to get to know a LOT about your teens – make them choose between two things (and defend their choice). Quiet or Noisy? Chocolate or Vanilla? Zebras or Giraffes?


We’re putting your vocab skills to the test – you’ll have 20 seconds to come up with 
as many synonyms or antonyms 
for a word as you can.

Compound Puzzle

We’ve mixed up two puzzles together – you’ve got to figure out the compound word that describes that mix up!

Bigger But

How many animals can you think of that are BIGGER BUT less deadly than a lion? What about an object that’s BIGGER BUT weighs less than a basketball?

No Harm No Vowel 2

Each round features a word/phrase with the vowels removed. All you have to do is figure out what the phrase is – but it’s harder than you’d think!


Can you rearrange the word given to figure its anagram? Sounds easy – but it’s way harder than you think!

Sketch Battle

It’s gotten medieval in here! 6 sketch challenges will put your creativity to the test.

Missing Tile

This game has one simple rule: No tile can be used twice in the same round.

VS (Versus)

We’ll give you the two contenders – can you pick the winner based on the prompt?


Have you ever thought of an invention that would save you time or make you rich? Here’s your chance to share it!

Spell Check 2

If we give you four words, can you figure out which one is misspelled?

Over Under – Volume 2

We’ll give you a random fact that is not quite correct. Can you fix it by deciding if the correct answer is over or under?

Remember Me?

How good are you at remembering people and faces? We’ll put that to the test in this game!

Popular Opinion

Can you figure out the most popular answer in the group your playing with?