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Over Under – Social Media

Students are given social media facts that feature incorrect numbers – they simply have to determine if the correct number is OVER or UNDER the number they were given.

Download Includes:
PowerPoint, Keynote, and Image files.




  • So many ideas

    I love this game. So many ways to use it. I learned a lot more than I thought I knew. I think parents and teens would benefit from this game in more ways than one.

  • So Many Ideas

    I fell in love with this game. I learned a lot myself and I think this will be eye opening to the teens and even parents as wells. So many ways I can use this with my different groups.

  • Love at first sight

    After opening the game right away thousands of ideas of how I would use it for my youth group came up! very nice to look at, effective, and ultimately an eye opener !

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