We launched GamePass over four years ago with two simple goals in mind:

  1. So that youth ministers like you never had to worry about needing a game to play.
  2. To offer that peace of mind at a stupid low price (thus creating the best deal in youth ministry).

I think we achieved those two goals. But about a year ago, we started thinking about how we could do it better…

  1. Could we provide a bigger selection of games, so that you could always find “the perfect fit” for the youth night you had already planned?
  2. Could we make our incredible deal even better?

With our new partnership with Download Youth Ministry, we’ve done both of those!

Over the last few years, my friends Josh and Doug over at DYM have created an amazing resource for youth ministry leaders. As of right now there are over 3,100 games available on their platform (with new games added every week).

We wanted to give you access to those games!

The folks over at DYM have also built THE BEST presentation tool for youth ministers – it’s called Sidekick and when it comes to running your screen for your youth night, it is just that: “the perfect sidekick”. It’s an interactive presentation tool that runs slide decks, timers, scoreboards, wheels, randomizers, quiz shows, and more. I use it EVERYTIME I’m on stage.

We wanted to give you access to Sidekick!

So after months of work behind the scenes, we’re ready to announce…

An incredible opportunity for GamePass Annual Members like you to convert your GamePass membership to a DYM Gold Membership!

As DYM Gold Member, each month you’ll get:

  • A $20 store credit to download games, videos, and more!
  • An exclusive Gold-member-only game.
  • A beautiful, captivating video for your program (this month’s video is a slick animated scripture video of Philippians 4:4-9).
  • A downloadable student leadership lesson (this month it was created by the folks at LeaderTreks).
  • Access to the Leader Training Library – a video resource you can use at your next core team training session.
  • Month-specific social media packs you can download and use right away.
  • Tons of other random downloadable resources (this month there’s a parent resource, a bonus game, and an evangelization series).
  • And a 35% discount on EVERYTHING ELSE on the DYM site – so you’re $20 credit will go THREE TIMES as far!

Plus your Gold Membership includes access to Sidekick – my favoritest part of what DYM has to offer.


I know what you’re thinking: ”That’s a LOT of stuff, I’m sure Gold Membership is ridiculously expensive!”

You’re right – and wrong.

It is a LOT of stuff…no, a CRAZY amount of stuff.

But no, the price tag isn’t ridiculous.

Gold Membership is only $26.99/month.

While that is definitely a big jump from what you’re paying for GamePass, but remember…

That $26.99 gets you over $57 worth of downloads PLUS all the awesome resources listed above.

At this point, you’re probably also thinking: “Michael, why are you selling us on a bigger, better version of GamePass?”

Well, after over 4 years of running GamePass, our team has decided to retire the program.  But we didn’t want to leave you without something awesome in its place.

Which is why we worked out an AMAZING DEAL with the folks over at DYM to give you an opportunity to try out Gold Membership for only a penny!

Yep, you get your first month of DYM Gold for $0.01 – that includes EVERYTHING listed above, even the $20 in store credit.

But because you are a long-time supporter of ProjectYM and our GamePass membership, we hooked you up with something even cooler…

At the end of that first month, if you keep your Gold Membership for at least one more month, you’ll get an additional $25 in store credit that will NEVER expire (even if you cancel your Gold Membership).

Double bonus, if you decide to pay for a full year of Gold, you’ll get another $25 credit* ($50 total) – plus annual members get a month free.

Alright, and now you’re thinking: “Michael, that sounds awesome! I’m totally going to give Gold a shot, but what about the time left on my GamePass membership that I’ve already paid for?”

We want you to still feel like your GamePass membership was the “best deal in youth ministry”, so we created an exclusive new level of membership at ProjectYM Games we’re calling “GamePass Legacy”. The ONLY people who qualify for a Legacy membership are folks like you who have been GamePass members for more than a year and still have time left on your existing membership…

As a Legacy Member, you can now download ANY GAME on for FREE!

That’s right, we’ve unlocked every game for you – it’s our way of saying “Thank you for being so awesome!”

This new Legacy membership is our free gift to you, but it only lasts through the end of 2023 – so make sure you download all the games you want before then.

One other note: over the next few months, we’ll be moving ALL of our games over to DYM. They’ll still be available on our site for Legacy members, but not the general public.

(For those of you who like numbers, there’s currently 147 games on the site. Those games regularly sell for $5 each – so it would normally cost $735 to buy them all.)

So how do you get your first month of DYM Gold for just a penny?

Just CLICK HERE and enter the code GOLDPROJECTYM at checkout.

*To get your $50 store credit for going annual, simply sign up with the code above and then upgrade to an annual account after your penny-month. Once you’ve upgraded, send an email to [email protected], and they’ll hook you up.

Ps. Though GamePass is closing down and ProjectYM Games will be moving over to DYM, ProjectYM is not going anywhere! Retiring is just part of our efforts to really focus on what we do best: supporting youth ministry leaders through community and training.

Pps. If you’ve never checked out THRIVE – our online community for Catholic youth ministers, this is a GREAT time to do that. Thrive is free to join, but as a longtime supporter of GamePass, I’d be happy to give you 2 free months of our Pro Level membership. Just email us at [email protected], and we’ll hook you up.


  1. ProjectYM is shutting down our GamePass Membership.
  2. We’ve worked out an awesome deal with Download Youth Ministry to give existing GamePass Members access to a month of DYM Gold for only a penny.
  3. If you stick with DYM Gold past that month, you’ll get up to $50 in store credit that will never expire (even if you cancel your membership).
  4. As a longtime, annual GamePass Member, we’ve upgraded you to our exclusive GamePass Legacy membership – giving you free access to EVERY GAME on our site through the end of 2023.