Between preparing your teaching, wrangling up enough volunteers, and calculating how many pizzas you need to order – you’ve got enough to worry about!

What game you’re going to play tonight shouldn’t be one of them.

Because when it comes to games, we’ve got you covered!

Alphabetical Soup

We’ll give you an 8-letter word with the letters rearranged alphabetically – all you have to do is figure out the word.

Boomer Say What

Can you figure out what these Baby Boomer slang terms mean?

Gen Z Say What

Can you figure out what these Gen Z slang terms mean?

Be Unique

If every player in the room is given the SAME clue, can you come up with a UNIQUE (and correct) answer?

Is It a Fish?

The game is simple – look at the picture and ask yourself, IS IT A FISH?!?

Monkey See Monkey Do

The crowd has to memorize a sequence of animals and then repeat that sequence one animal at a time. Anyone who repeats the wrong animal is out.

Biggest Winner – Football Edition

How much do you know about the biggest winners (and losers) in NFL history? You’ll need to know more playoff records to win.

Fact or Cap

A new spin on the classic “Two Truths and a Lie” – can you determine if the story they share is “Fact” or “Cap”?


We give you the plot – in the form of a haiku – you name the movie.

Spell Check

If we give you four words, can you figure out which one is misspelled?

Proverb or Fortune Cookie

Can you tell if these words of wisdom come from the book of Proverbs or straight out of a fortune cookie?

Top That!

Player 1 names an item that matches the given clue. Player 2 repeats player 1’s item and adds their own. Play continues back and forth until a player repeats the items incorrectly or is unable to successfully add something to the list.