Between preparing your teaching, wrangling up enough volunteers, and calculating how many pizzas you need to order – you’ve got enough to worry about!

What game you’re going to play tonight shouldn’t be one of them.

Because when it comes to games, we’ve got you covered!

No Harm, No Vowel

Each round features a word/phrase with the vowels removed. All you have to do is figure out what the phrase is – but it’s harder than you’d think!

Quick Thinking – Christmas Edition

This is a Christmas edition of the quick-thinking partner game where YOU decide the answer – the fastest and loudest wins!

Christmas Song Mashup

Each round, you’ll be given a Christmas song and a style or situation. The first person (or team) to successfully sing the song that style wins!

Chicken or the Egg – Christmas Gifts

Based on when these toys were “the hottest Christmas gift of the year”, which came first?

Onomatopoeia 2

Find a partner. Yell the sound effect! Whomever yells first wins. Tie goes to the loudest!


Unscramble the letters to form a palindrome that fits the clue! The answer could be a word or a phrase.

Google It

Decide which topic ranks higher when you google the given keyword.

Animal Mashup

Each round, you’ll be given an animal to move like and an animal to sound like. The first person to successfully mashup the two animal wins!

You Sang Doo Doo

The crowd sings the song using the words “doo-doo”. The guessers guess. Winner stays, loser gets replaced!!


Test your knowledge of animal groups in this game! You’ll be given a clue and all you have to do it fill in the blank!

Before I was Born?

If we gave you a celebrity and an invention, would you be able to guess if that thing was invented before they were born? That’s the unique challenge of this screen game.

Quick Thinking

This is a quick-thinking partner game where YOU decide the answer and the fastest and loudest wins!